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Time:10:34 am
Current Mood:flirtyflirty
This is the chat that lead up to what Cho and I got around to doing.

Muse!Cho: Hullo there, Blaise. *smirks*

Muse!Blaise: Cho.

Muse!Cho: Still uncomfortable with sitting down, I see.

Muse!Blaise: *rolls his eyes*
Muse!Blaise: Not my ruddy fault.

Muse!Cho: *smiles mischevously*

Muse!Ginny: *raises an eyebrow*

Muse!Blaise: *eyes her, raising an eyebrow*

Muse!Cho: *purrs* Ginny.
Muse!Cho: And... *leers* Hermione.
Muse!Cho: I see you brought your Ronniekins, as well.

Muse!Hermione: *smirks* Yeah, he followed.

Muse!Ron: *looks slightly uncomfortable*

Muse!Ginny: Always the follower.

Muse!Hermione: *looks at him* Something wrong, Ron dear?

Muse!Cho: Hullo, Cho. Ginny. Zabini.
Muse!Cho: *steps closer to Hermione*

Muse!Ron: No, nothing's wrong.

Muse!Hermione: *looks back at Cho*

Muse!Cho: *winks at M!Hr*

Muse!Hermione: *smirks*

Muse!Cho: *bats eyelashes* Hermione darling, I think I need help with my Transfigurations homework.
Muse!Cho: Think you could come over tonight and tutor me?

Muse!Hermione: I think I could swing by and help you with your homework. *smiles sweetly*

Muse!Ron: *frowns*
Muse!Ron: Mind if I tag along?
Muse!Ron: I think I need some help too.

Muse!Cho: *looks displeased*
Muse!Cho: Surely you can wait a night or two, Ron?
Muse!Cho: I really think it'd be best for me if I could get some *looks at Hermione seductively* one-on-one help...

Muse!Hermione: *smirks at her before turning to Ron* Sorry, Ronnie, girls night only. I need to get away from you boys.

Muse!Ron: Us boys?
Muse!Ron: Me and who else?

Muse!Hermione: *shrugs* Doesn't matter. You and anyone else tht you know that is a boy.

Muse!Cho: *licks lips and looks into Hermione's eyes* I completely agree.

Muse!Ron: *looks unhappy*
Muse!Ron: *glances at Blaise*

Muse!Blaise: *raises an eyebrow*

Muse!Ron: You look uncomfortable standing by yourself like that.
Muse!Ron: Won't you sit down?

Muse!Blaise: ... No. I think I'd rather stand, thank you.

Muse!Ron: *shrugs and stretches out across bench* Suit yourself.

Muse!Ginny: *moves closer to blaise*

Muse!Blaise: *smiles* Ginny.

Muse!Ron: *puts arm around Hermione*
Muse!Ron: What's this all about, love?
Muse!Ron: Can't I come?

Muse!Cho: *snickers*
Muse!Cho: *leers at Ginny and Blaise*

Muse!Hermione: You can come any time you like. If there's no one around to help you though, you'll have to wank. And as to my studying tonight, I'm afraid you can not tag along. Tonight I'm helping Cho. I'll help you another night.

Muse!Cho: *laughs*

Muse!Ron: *looks confused and slightly hurt*
Muse!Ron: Tomorrow night, then?
Muse!Ron: And what's this about wanking?

Muse!Cho: *mutters* My my, we ARE quite the innocent virgin, aren't we. *rolls eyes*

Muse!Hermione: *shrugs nonchalantly* You asked if you could come. Who am I to deny that?

Muse!Ron: *taken aback*
Muse!Ron: Hermione, what's gotten into you??

Muse!Hermione: *raises an eyebrow* Nothing... yet.

Muse!Cho: *laughs*

Muse!Blaise: *raises an eyebrow* Hermione unleashed.

Muse!Cho: Oh don't you worry, love, I'm about to change all that.

Muse!Hermione: *grins and chuckles* I had a feeling you would.

Muse!Ginny: *raises an eyebrow as well*

Muse!Cho: Don't worry, Ginny.
Muse!Cho: Another night.
Muse!Cho: I know you're busy with other stuff tonight.
Muse!Cho: *winks at Ginny*

Muse!Ron: *uncomfortable* What're you girls doing with my sister?

Muse!Ginny: Ron, quit being so protective!

Muse!Ron: *frowns* I'm just watching out for you.

Muse!Ginny: *smiles* No need for that.

Muse!Hermione: I'm sure that Ginny is in capable hands.

Muse!Cho: *low voice* You can be sure of that, love.

Muse!Ron: *purses lips*
Muse!Ron: *turns to Blaise* What's going on here?

Muse!Blaise: *rolls his eyes slightly, smirking* I have no idea what you mean, Weasley. Other than all the rampant sexual innuendo, I know nothing.

Muse!Ron: *frowns harder than other*
Muse!Ron: Sexual innuendo?

Muse!Cho: *laughs* Hermione, just WHAT have you been teaching the poor boy?

Muse!Hermione: I haven't been teaching him anything.
Muse!Hermione: He never seemed interested.

Muse!Ginny: *grins* Very noticable.

Muse!Ron: What are you talking about?

Muse!Hermione: Your lack of a sex life, Ron.

Muse!Ron: *frowns again*

Muse!Blaise: Which is something we could without talking about.

Muse!Ron: Sex life?

Muse!Blaise: *raises an eyebrow* Please tell me you know what sex is.

Muse!Ginny: *hides a laugh*

Muse!Hermione: Well Ron? Do you or don't you?

Muse!Ron: *turns red*
Muse!Ron: Of course I know what sex is.

Muse!Cho: *laughs hard*

Muse!Hermione: *laughs*

Muse!Cho: Oh, Hermione... I had NO idea. You poor, poor girl.

Muse!Ginny: *rolls eyes*

Muse!Ron: *glares at Ginny*
Muse!Ron: What are you doing talking about...
Muse!Ron: You know...
Muse!Ron: Sex...
Muse!Ron: Anyhow??

Muse!Cho: *rolls eyes*

Muse!Hermione: It's a nice topic.

Muse!Ron: *gapes at Hermione*

Muse!Hermione: But an even better thing to practice.

Muse!Ginny: *nods and grins*

Muse!Ron: *mouth drops open wide*
Muse!Ron: Hermione!

Muse!Cho: Bloody hell, Ron.
Muse!Cho: Grow up!

Muse!Hermione: *mocks teasingly* Ron!

Muse!Ron: *low hiss* Hermione, I hardly think this topic appropriate for... public conversation.

Muse!Blaise: *chuckles* Oh this is amusing.

Muse!Hermione: Hmm... I don't know...
Muse!Hermione: What do you think, Cho?
Muse!Hermione: Do you think it's appropriate?
Muse!Hermione: Ginny?

Muse!Cho: *licks lips*
Muse!Cho: Very.

Muse!Hermione: Because I think it's quite appropriate.

Muse!Ginny: *nods* Definitely.

Muse!Cho: *shifts a little so her skirt rides up a bit*
Muse!Cho: Very, very appropriate.

Muse!Ron: *shakes head* Women!
Muse!Ron: *looks at Blaise*

Muse!Hermione: *licks her lips and eyes Cho's legs*

Muse!Blaise: *smirks*

Muse!Cho: *purrs* You like them, sugar?

Muse!Hermione: *nods* Oh yes, very lovely.

Muse!Cho: *preens*
Muse!Cho: All yours tonight, honey.

Muse!Hermione: *grins* Good.

Muse!Cho: *skirt rides up even higher*

Muse!Ginny: *begins to pout*

Muse!Cho: Oh don't worry, Ginny darling.
Muse!Cho: You'll get yours.

Muse!Blaise: *chuckles and looks at pouting M!G* Problems?

Muse!Cho: If that brother of yours ever lets you out of his sight, that is. *rolls eyes*

Muse!Ron: *glares at Cho*

Muse!Hermione: Oh quit being such a prude, Ron.

Muse!Cho: *looks lazily over at Blaise* Do you want to deflower the virgins or should I?
Muse!Cho: *indicates Ginny and Ron*

Muse!Ron: I'm not a prude.
Muse!Ron: *red*

Muse!Blaise: *puts his arms around Ginny* You can do what you like with him.

Muse!Cho: *eyes Ron*

Muse!Hermione: Could have fooled me.

Muse!Ginny: Oh, yes, you are, Ron.

Muse!Cho: No thanks, why don't you take him on.

Muse!Ron: I am not!
Muse!Ron: It's the rest of you that are being...
Muse!Ron: It's the rest of you who have your minds in the gutter!

Muse!Blaise: *raises an eyebrow* I get the feeling he'll be a long term project that will take someone with a little more finesse than me.

Muse!Cho: *annoyed sigh*
Muse!Cho: Hermione?

Muse!Hermione: But the gutters are so nice and comfortable.
Muse!Hermione: Yeah?

Muse!Cho: *jerks head toward Ron* You wanna take him on?
Muse!Cho: You can show him everything I teach you... *consciously makes skirt ride up still higher*

Muse!Hermione: All right then. You teach me, then I'll teach him. After all, I did promise to help him like I'm going to help you tonight.

Muse!Hermione: *walks closer to Cho, reaching out and ghosting her finger tips over some exposed skin on her thigh, smiling*

Muse!Cho: *shivers*
Muse!Cho: Ooh.

Muse!Ron: Teach me what?
Muse!Ron: About...
Muse!Ron: about...
Muse!Ron: Sex?

Muse!Cho: Touch me again, Hermione...

Muse!Hermione: *smirks* You'll see Ron. Don't ruin the suprise.
Muse!Hermione: *runs a hand more firmly up her thigh, sliding it passed the skirt before moving back down and taking her hand away*

Muse!Ron: Surprise?

Muse!Hermione: Yes, Ron, a suprise.
Muse!Hermione: Just wait and see.
Muse!Hermione: I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Muse!Ginny: *turns her attention toward blaise*

Muse!Ron: *frowns* I don't know about this, Hermione.

Muse!Hermione: Don't worry so much. Loosen up.

Muse!Blaise: *shakes head* Your brother... Quite amusing.

Muse!Ginny: *nods*

Muse!Ron: I am not amusing.

Muse!Cho: *snerk* You got that right.

Muse!Ron: *glares at Cho*
Muse!Ron: What in the bloody hell are you doing to my sister and my girlfriend, anyhow?

Muse!Blaise: *shrugs* I'm finding it quite amusing.

Muse!Cho: *looks bored* None of your business, Ron.
Muse!Cho: And anyway, you'll thank me for it later.

Muse!Hermione: *chuckles*

Muse!Ron: *grumbles*

Muse!Hermione: *licks her lips and looks at Cho* So... When did you want to start... studying?

Muse!Cho: *lets her eyes linger on Hermione's breasts*
Muse!Cho: Anytime you want, love.
Muse!Cho: Anytime you want.

Muse!Ron: *glares*
Muse!Ron: I'm starting to get the feeling that you two won't really be studying.

Muse!Cho: *mock surprise* And whatever gave you THAT idea, Ronald Weasley?

Muse!Hermione: *ignores Ron* Well, I'm free now.

Muse!Cho: *throaty* Well then.
Muse!Cho: Shall we?

Muse!Hermione: *nods* Yes, I do believe we shall.

Muse!Cho: *eyes Ron* What about him?

Muse!Hermione: *looks at him and sighs* No clue.
Muse!Hermione: I already told him he can't come to our study session... So I don't know what to do with him.

Muse!Blaise: *to Ginny* You're awfully quiet tonight.

Muse!Ginny: *smiles* There are ways to change that.

Muse!Ron: *grumbles some more*

Muse!Blaise: *smirks* Oh really? And what would that be? *amused look*

Muse!Ginny: *licks her lips*

Muse!Cho: Mind if we go someplace...
Muse!Cho: more private?
Muse!Cho: *eyes Hermione meaningfully*

Muse!Hermione: Sounds like a wonderful plan to me.

Muse!Blaise: *leans down and kisses her softly*

Muse!Ron: *rolls eyes*

Muse!Hermione: Where shall we head?

Muse!Cho: Prefect's bathroom?

Muse!Hermione: *smirks* Sounds lovely.

Muse!Ginny: *wraps her arms around him*

Muse!Blaise: *pulls her closer, running his tongue over her lips and pushing slightly*

Muse!Cho: *stands and reaches out for Hermione's hand*

Muse!Ron: Ugh!
Muse!Ron: *disgusted*
Muse!Ron: *stands too*
Muse!Ron: I think I'm going to head back to Gryffindor tower.

Muse!Hermione: *stands as well, reaching out and taking her hand* Well then, let's head off.

Muse!Ron: *tugs on Hermione's sleep*
Muse!Ron: *sleeve
Muse!Ron: We're going back to the Tower.

Muse!Hermione: *looks at him* All right. Have fun. See you later.
Muse!Hermione: No, we aren't going anywhere.

Muse!Ron: *tugs harder* Come on, let's go.

Muse!Hermione: I already have plans.
Muse!Hermione: No.

Muse!Cho: *smirks*

Muse!Ron: You're really not going back with me?

Muse!Cho: I don't believe she is, darling.

Muse!Hermione: That's right. I'm really not going back with you.

Muse!Ron: Fine.

Muse!Hermione: I promised Cho that I'd help her.
Muse!Hermione: And I plan on sticking to that promise.

Muse!Ron: Help. Sure, is that what you call it?
Muse!Ron: *storms off huffily*

Muse!Cho: Finally. Now that he's gone...

Muse!Hermione: *waves after him*

Muse!Ginny: *pulls away from blaise, smiling*

Muse!Cho: *leans in and licks Hermione's lips*
Muse!Cho: *whispers* Shall we?

Muse!Hermione: *traces over her own lips with her tongue* Yes, I think we shall.

Muse!Blaise: *smiles down at her, rubbing her sides gently*

Muse!Ginny: *begins to unbutton the top button of his shirt*

Muse!Blaise: *slides his fingers under the waist of her skirt, tugging the shirt out and pushing his hands under the back, ghosting his fingers across her smooth back and grinning at her*

Muse!Ginny: *tenses slightly then relaxes, starting on the second button*

Muse!Blaise: Relax. I'm not going to go any further than you want to go.

Muse!Ginny: *smiles* There are no boundaries...

Muse!Blaise: *grins and kisses her, sliding his tongue into her mouth and running his hands more firmly up her back*

Muse!Ginny: *moans*

Muse!Blaise: *moves a hand around to the front, tracing around her navel and mapping her mouth with his tongue*

Muse!Ginny: *pulls herself a bit closer to him*

Muse!Blaise: *pulls back for air, smiling at her*

Muse!Ginny: *smiles back* It would be nice if we could move onward from this point tomorrow night.

Muse!Blaise: *chuckles* That it would. So I'm assuming that means it's time for you to leave?

Muse!Ginny: *nods*

Muse!Blaise: All right then. *leans down and briefly kisses her again* I'll see you tomorrow.

Muse!Ginny: 'Night...

Muse!Blaise: Goodnight.
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