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The Muses of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Where no one is safe from insanity and calamity...

The Muses of Hogwarts School
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This is the place where the muses behind hogwartsschool_ let loose and run free.

While we are still open to the characters from that particular community, due to some unfortunate and sad falling outs, we are now going to extend our openings to other people as well.

If you play in a Harry Potter RPG and your muse seems to never want to follow what you have to say, then this is the group for you. Simply send us an application that states the character you want to play and verification of your age. We ask that our participants be 17 or over, but it isn't a completely necessary deal. We are simply trying to make sure that people who are too young don't apply.

If you get accepted know that you must have an AIM screen name. And that the character journal you use must say muse_character. You can see the examples below.

Please send your applications to myk_v_1@hotmail.com. Thanks.

They've no inhibitions.
They've no worries.
They've no consequences.
They've no control.

And neither do we. Feel free to watch our muses go mad. And enjoy yourselves!

WARNING: This community is slash friendly, and definitely not suitable for view by children. If you're under 17, please close this window and forget that you ever saw it.

musesofhogwarts is an ic journal only. Please put any and all ooc posts in muses_ooc. The ic community is where owls, invites and any character chatter (that doesn't go in personal journals) goes. Personal journals are for the muses to talk about what they've done, who they've done, how they're day has gone... Anything along those lines. The ooc journal is for plot developments and ooc chatter.

Taken Characters:
Blaise Zabini- muse_blaise, AIM: FireDmn20
Hermione Granger- muse_hermione, AIM: smart mione
Ginny Weasley- muse_ginny, AIM: jas 3319
Mandy Brocklehurst- muse_mandy, AIM: keeper sakura
Harry Potter- muse_harry, AIM: LadylegolasE
Draco Malfoy - muse_draco, AIM: Black X Mirror

Previously made journals:
Cho Chang- muse_cho
Ron Weasley- muse_ron

Most needed characters: Cho Chang, Ron Weasley

Other Characters: Any you can think of as long as they are canon. We are not currently accepting any oc. That may change eventually, but we'd like to try to fill more of the canon spots first.

If you'd like to apply for one of those journals, simply state so and we will send you the necessary information to take over that journal.

So come and join. There are still a load of characters open and quite a few are main characters.

Mods: dawnsdream and damn_my_mind

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