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Time:01:05 am
Current Mood:pleasedpleased
Ickle Ronniekins has been doing a less-than-stellar job of keeping his beautiful girlfriend satisfied.

And that's where I come in

Cho: Here we are.
Hermione: *smiles and says the password, entering*
Cho: Ooh... This place is even nicer than I remembered.
Hermione: Yes, I especially enjoy the large, spacious tub.
Cho: I as well...
Cho: Cedric and I had some good memories in here.
Cho: A moment of silence.
Cho: *silence*
Hermione: *silence*
Cho: Okay, then.
Cho: Let's get started.
Cho: *sits on edge of tub*
Hermione: Sounds good to me.
Cho: *puts hand on Hermione's bare thigh*
Cho: Poor Hermione...
Cho: Ron never leaves you quite satisfied, does he?
Cho: *slides hand up a bit*
Hermione: *sighs* No. He seems to be rather dense.
Hermione: And not to mention he seems to think I follow him wherever he goes.
Cho: You poor, poor girl.
Cho: *smiles* Don't worry... I'll make you forget all your troubles.
Cho: After I'm through with you, you won't even remember the redhead.
Hermione: *grins* I bet you will.
Cho: *leans in and kisses Hermione slowly*
Hermione: *opens her mouth to Cho, letting out a small groan*
Cho: *slides tongue in*
Cho: *breathes* Hermione...
Cho: *kisses harder*
Hermione: *kisses back, sliding her tongue into Cho's mouth*
Cho: *hand slowly slides from back of Hermione's head to the front of Hermione's shirt*
Cho: *cups a breast and plays with nipple*
Cho: *sighs* You like that, love?
Hermione: Oh yes... very much so. *grins and reaches her own hand out, running it up Cho's thigh*
Cho: *pulls back* I think this would be more comfortable with your shirt off.
Cho: *slowly unbuttons Hermione's shirt without breaking eye contact*
Cho: *unhooks bra*
Cho: Much better.
Hermione: *grins and raises an amused eyebrow before reaching for Cho's shirt* As I believe this would be more comfortable if your shirt were off too.
Hermione: *unbuttons her shirt, pushing it from her shoulders and running her hands down her arms to push it off all the way before unclasping her bra and dropping it on the floor with her shirt*
Cho: *closes eyes and moans softly in pleasure* Your touch...
Cho: *pounces on Hermione, so both are on the floor*
Hermione: *lets out a soft oomph of air and grins*
Cho: Time to play, love.
Cho: *slides hands up under Hermione's skirt*
Cho: Ooh... No underwear?
Cho: Quite the little whore, aren't you?
Hermione: *chuckles lightly* Oh yes, quite. *opens her legs slightly for better access*
Cho: *pushes finger inside Hermione*
Cho: *sighs* And so wet, too.
Cho: You've been wanting this, haven't you?
Hermione: *nods and lets out a small mewl* Yes... I've been waiting for it... I've just been so terribly frustrated.
Cho: I don't blame you.
Cho: *pushes another finger inside*
Cho: *pulls fingers out and swirls M!H's clit*
Hermione: *moans* Ah! That-that's nice...
Hermione: *cups one of Cho's breasts, squeezing it and running her thumb over the nipple experimentally*
Cho: *rubs faster*
Cho: *moans*
Cho: Oh, baby.
Hermione: *mewls in pleasure*
Cho: You like that, Hermione?
Hermione: Yes, oh yes. Definitely. Feels so good.
Cho: *stops*
Cho: Too bad.
Cho: I'm going to make you beg for it.
Cho: *starts licking at Hermione's nipple*
Hermione: *let's out a small gasp*
Cho: *licks hungrily*
Hermione: *reaches out again, taking a nipple more firmly between her fingers and rolling and pinching it, massaging her breast as well*
Cho: *gasps and moans*
Hermione: *grins slightly* Do you enjoy that?
Cho: I do.
Cho: *kisses Hermione firmly on the lips*
Hermione: *groans, sliding her tongue into her mouth*
Cho: And now we're going to get serious.
Cho: *licks and kisses her way down Hermione's neck, breasts, abs...*
Cho: *lifts skirt*
Cho: *raises eyebrows*
Cho: Are you ready?
Hermione: *nods* Yes.
Hermione: More than ready.
Cho: *reaches up and pinches a nipple* Are you sure?
Hermione: *nods* Merlin yes.
Cho: *slides tongue inside of Hermione*
Cho: Tasty.
Hermione: *arches up slightly, groaning*
Cho: *traces patterns on Hermione's clit*
Hermione: *gasps* Oh.. that's just... *moans*
Cho: *turned on by Hermione getting turned on*
Cho: *goes faster*
Cho: You like that, you little slut?
Hermione: *hisses slightly* Yes...
Cho: You want me to penetrate you?
Hermione: *groans, arching up again slightly at the words* Yes... please... Cho... I need... Please...
Cho: *grabs wand out of robes on floor*
Cho: *says spell to make wand thicker and suspiciously dildo-like*
Cho: *grinds against Hermione*
Hermione: *watches Cho, licking her lips and panting slightly*
Cho: *shoves dildo!wand roughly inside of Hermione*
Hermione: *cries out and arches up again, harder*
Hermione: That's... ah...
Cho: *thrusts dildo!wand furiously in and out of Hermione*
Cho: *reaches down and plays with Hermione's clit with the other hand*
Hermione: *groans, tossing her head from side to side ocassionally* So nice... Ah....
Cho: Cum on, princess.
Hermione: I'm going to... ah... *arches up and yells out, coming*
Cho: *pants and eyes gleam as she watches Hermione come*
Cho: You enjoyed that, didn't you?
Hermione: *panting and coming down slightly, she nodded dazedly* Yeah.
Hermione: That was just... Wow.
Cho: *lifts skirt*
Cho: It's my turn, Hermione.
Cho: I want you to show me everything I taught you.
Hermione: *nodding slightly, she pushed herself up on slightly wobbly arms, flipping herself over and reaching out for Cho, kissing her hard*
Cho: *moans*
Cho: Ooh, yes baby.
Cho: I see I've taught you well.
Cho: Keep going...
Hermione: *running a hand down her neck and collarbone, she circled around a breast before cupping a breast, squeezing it firmly before moving her mouth to follow her hands path*
Cho: *closes eyes and loses herself in the pleasure*
Hermione: *taking a nipple into her mouth, she bit softly before soothing it with her tongue, licking greedily*
Hermione: *moves a free hand down her stomach, rubbing between Cho's legs before sliding a finger inside, pumping slightly in and out*
Cho: *mewls*
Hermione: *grinning slightly around the nipple in her mouth, she started placing light kisses down Cho's body, positioning herself between her legs before giving Cho a tentative look, looking up to see her reaction*
Cho: *hungry look*
Cho: Do it.
Cho: Show me I've been a good teacher*
Cho: *pushes Hermione's head down*
Hermione: *nodding slightly, she settling down, sliding her tongue into Cho and wiggling it around, using one hand to lightly rub over her clit*
Cho: Merlin...
Cho: Oh, Merlin.
Cho: Right-- right there... Yes...
Hermione: *continues, wriggling tongue side to side slightly and pulling it in and out before pressing slightly more firmly on her clit*
Cho: *arches and groans*
Hermione: *snakes her other hand up her body, squeezing her breast while continuing with her other activities*
Cho: Merlin, you're good.
Cho: *groans with pleasure*
Hermione: *pulls back, licking her lips* Mmm.... tasty. Would you like me to use your enlarged wand for penetration as well?
Cho: *whispers* Ye-yes...
Hermione: *nodding, she picked up the wand, settling it at Cho's entrance before grinning at her and pushing it in quickly*
Cho: *cries out*
Cho: Hermione!
Hermione: *grins* Enjoying it? *starts thrusting it in and out rather rough and fast*
Cho: *continues crying out*
Cho: Merlin, I think I'm going to...
Cho: *screams as she comes*
Hermione: *grins down, pulling the wand from her*
Cho: *flops back, panting*
Hermione: So, did I pass the teacher's exam? *bats eyes*
Cho: *kisses Hermione roughly*
Cho: Merlin, am I a good teacher.
Hermione: *grins* That you are.
Cho: *lays on ground for a bit, recovering*
Cho: Wow.
Cho: I should've known... it's always the repressed ones. *grins mischevously*
Hermione: *laughs lightly*
Hermione: Am I taking it then that you've had experience with other 'repressed ones'?
Cho: *raises eyebrows innocently*
Cho: I might have.
Hermione: *laughs more*
Cho: *rolls over onto side* And now, I daresay you'll be tutoring an inexperienced, repressed one as well...? *trails fingers lightly over Hermione's bare skin*
Hermione: *nods slightly* If he'll let me. He can be very stubborn.
Cho: *rolls eyes* Tell me about it.
Cho: You should've seen Blaise last night.
Cho: It took me AND Draco to get him to loosen up.
Cho: Just let me know if you need help with Ron, okay?
Hermione: *chuckles* I'll have to do that then.
Hermione: Because I think it might take some serious work to get Ron to losen up.
Cho: I think I've tutored you well.
Cho: I'm sure you can handle it.
Hermione: *smiles* Well, I thank you for your vote of confidence.
Cho: Anytime, love.
Cho: *stands and starts to get dressed* Now, if you'll excuse me...
Hermione: *watches her* Of course. Good bye.
Cho: ... I have a date with Draco and some silk sheets...
Hermione: Have fun.
Cho: I'd ask you to join us, but you know how it is. We need our alone time too.
Cho: *stops and studies Hermione*
Cho: Is something wrong?
Hermione: *chuckles* Of course. No, nothing's wrong. I'm great.
Cho: *frowns slightly* Are you sure?
Hermione: I'm positive. Just go and enjoy yourself. I'm going to have myself a nice relaxing bath and then go to bed. I've got my work cut out for me tomorrow. *grins*
Cho: *shrugs* Okay then.
Cho: *one last lingering kiss*
Cho: Sweet dreams, darling.
Cho: *squeezes Hermione's ass on her way out*
Hermione: *nods and smiles* You too.
Cho: *door swings shut behind her*

I daresay I've taught her quite well. Ronnie won't be a prudish virgin much longer, if Hermione has anything to do with it.
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hermione - The Muses of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
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