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ron and hermione - The Muses of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
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Subject:ron and hermione
Time:01:36 am
Current Mood:embarrassedembarrassed
Something happened today. I don't know if it's terrible or wonderful.

Ron: *looks up*
Ron: Oh, Hermione. Hullo.
Hermione: *smirks lightly* Hullo Ron.
Ron: So.
Ron: How'd your, uh, tutoring session go last night?
Ron: Haven't seen you around much today.
Ron: How's Cho doing?
Hermione: My tutoring session went very, very well. Although I think I'm the one that learned the most. And Cho is doing splendidly.
Ron: *frowns a bit*
Ron: Well, that's good to hear, I suppose.
Ron: *starts to turn back to Wizard Chess set*
Hermione: Tsk. Don't you ever bore of that game?
Hermione: Aren't there other things you'd rather do?
Ron: *doesn't look up* Like what?
Ron: You can join me if you like.
Hermione: I wouldn't mind joining you in an acitivity... But I'd much rather do something more... pleasurable for the both of us. *grins*
Ron: *finally looks up*
Ron: *frowns*
Ron: What do you mean?
Ron: *suspicious*
Hermione: *smiles wickedly and sits on the arm of his chair, running her hand through his hair* Can't you think of something you'd find more pleasurable than this?
Ron: *thinks*
Ron: Eating?
Hermione: *laughs* Not what I had in mind, Ron. *runs her finger down his nose, smirking* Definitely not even close to what I have in mind.
Ron: *recoils a bit at her touch* Well, what is it, then?
Ron: *narrows eyes* You're not going to make me study, are you?
Hermione: *grins* In a way... Yes. But in another... no. And the quicker a study you are, the more fun and pleasurable this activity can be.
Ron: *impatiently* Well, what is it, then?
Hermione: *smirks* Impatient, aren't we? It has something to do with what we were talking about last night...
Ron: *bites lip nervously*
Hermione: *smiles* Don't be nervous. It's quite fun.
Hermione: And very enjoyable.
Ron: Are-- are we... talking about the same thing?
Ron: *turns a bit red*
Hermione: *grins* Well, I'm talking about sex and wanking. So hopefully that is what you're talking about too. *winks*
Ron: *turns bright red*
Hermione: Aw! You're blushing!
Ron: *turns even redder*
Ron: *hisses* Hermione....
Hermione: *innocently* Yes? What is it? Something wrong?
Ron: I don't know about this
Hermione: *rests a hand on his shoulder, running it slightly up and down his arm* Why not?
Ron: *flinches a bit*
Ron: Don't you think we're a bit... young?
Hermione: We're sixteen. We're supposed to experiment. Be teenagers. So no, no I don't think we're a bit young.
Hermione: Come on, Ron. I promise it's fun.
Ron: *looks nervously at the hand on his arm*
Hermione: *grins, moving hand to the front of his shirt and tracing her fingers along his chest* Something wrong? You're so tense.
Ron: *almost imperceptible shiver*
Ron: Um... no, no
Ron: Nothing wrong.
Ron: Nothing wrong at all.
Hermione: *tilts her head to the side and smiles* I'm not sure that I believe that, but that's all right. You're just nervous. *leans down and kisses him, smirking slightly*
Ron: *looks up at her*
Ron: Ah... Um
Ron: What... what exactly are you... doing?
Ron: I mean, I know you're kissing me
Ron: but...
Hermione: *chuckles lightly* I'm trying to get you to losen up, relax.
Ron: I think I'm rather relaxed enough...
Hermione: *rests her palm flat against his chest and flexes her fingers*
Hermione: No, I don't think you are.
Ron: *fixes gaze stubbornly on chess set*
Ron: I'm fine.
Ron: Although... *stands*
Ron: Perhaps I...
Ron: Well, it's late.
Ron: I, uh, had better be getting to bed.
Ron: You should sleep too.
Hermione: *stands as well and quirks an eyebrow* Do you think I'm letting you get away that easily? *chuckles and leans forward, kissing him soundly*
Ron: *backs away* I really think it's best that I... *licks lips nervously* be going... to bed now...
Ron: *starts toward bedroom*
Hermione: *follows behind him, speeding up to get in front and cut him off* Leaving so soon though?
Hermione: It's much too early to be going to bed.
Ron: Well, I have to take a shower first.
Ron: So I'd better get ready.
Hermione: Hmm... Nope. Not ready to let you leave yet. Sorry, love.
Ron: It's late, everyone else is asleep.
Ron: *looks at her in amazement* What's gotten into you lately?
Hermione: *reaches a hand out and runs it down his chest, stopping at his belt line* Everyone's asleep, means no one to bother us. And I'm just finally letting go and being me.
Ron: *steps back*
Ron: Well, okay then...
Ron: Although I really should be getting to bed.
Ron: Like... now.
Ron: *looks around*
Hermione: *steps forward with him, keeping the contact* No, no bed. Not yet.
Ron: What do you want?
Hermione: I've already told you what I want.
Hermione: Can you honestly say that you don't want it too?
Ron: I don't know what you're talking about. What is it that you want?
Hermione: I want to do our activity.
Hermione: You know... the one that involves sex and wanking. *smirks*
Ron: *weakly* Wizard Chess?
Ron: *turns bright red again*
Hermione: *chuckles*
Ron: Oh... that.
Hermione: Yes, that.
Ron: I don't think I need any... any sex or wanking tonight, thanks.
Hermione: *pouts lightly* What's wrong, Ron? Don't you find me attractive?
Hermione: Desireable?
Hermione: Am I not good enough?
Hermione: Not what you're looking for in a bed partner?
Ron: *turns redder at mention of bed*
Ron: It's not that...
Ron: Of course I think you're attractive
Ron: You're... you're smart, and nice, and pretty...
Hermione: Then why don't you want to me?
Hermione: *why don't you want me?
Ron: Of course I want you. You know I like you. You're a swell girlfriend.
Hermione: I mean in a sexual manner, Ron.
Hermione: One that involves screwing.
Hermione: Not just dates, hand holding and tentative kisses.
Ron: Ah, well, you see... I don't know too much about sex. So yeah. Don't worry about it.
Ron: *pats her tentatively on the head*
Hermione: *sighs* I know that.
Hermione: And that is what comes in with the whole teaching/learning deal.
Ron: I don't think I need to learn this just now, Hermione.
Hermione: *smirks* But I think you do. *runs hand lower, cupping his crotch and squeezing* Besides, I'm sure that he agrees with me.
Ron: *lets out a small, frightened yelp*
Ron: *slowly looks down*
Ron: *whispers* Is it... supposed... to do that?
Hermione: *grins and squeezes and releases a few times, rubbing hand up and down* Do what? Get hard? Feel good?
Ron: *eyes open wide in fear*
Hermione: *smiles* Something wrong, love?
Ron: Ah, no... nothing...
Ron: *steps back abruptly* Look at the time... Don't you think we'd best get going?
Hermione: *pounces, knocking them both to the ground and straddling his waist* No.
Hermione: I think I like right where we are.
Ron: *yelps*
Ron: *makes a halfhearted attempt to get up*
Hermione: *grins and wriggles slightly, grinding down on his erection* No getting up. Well... Not from the floor that is. *winks*
Ron: *makes a small, strange sound*
Ron: Um, Hermione... what are you doing?
Hermione: I'm getting ready to teach you. And you are going to be a good little boy and learn well.
Hermione: *licks her lips and reaches for the hem of his shirt, tugging it from his pants and tearing the buttons off, pushing it open*
Ron: Ahh...
Ron: *watches her in amazement*
Hermione: *grins and reaches out, tweaking one of his nipples* Are you ready to learn?
Ron: Uh... yes?
Hermione: *continues to grin* Excellent. *leans down and kisses him, sliding her tongue into his mouth*
Ron: Oh...
Ron: *receives kiss passively*
Hermione: *pulls back and sighs* You could participate you know. It's more fun for the both of us then.
Ron: Oh, okay.
Ron: *takes a deep breath*
Ron: Alright.
Hermione: *grins and leans down, kissing him again*
Ron: *tentatively slides tongue into her mouth*
Ron: *experimentally puts hands lightly around her waist*
Ron: Mm.
smart mione has left the room.
smart mione has entered the room.
Hermione: *grins and pulls her mouth back* Enjoy that? *doesn't wait for an answer before leaning down and trailing her mouth along his jaw and down his neck, nipping lightly on his neck and sucking lightly*
Ron: *gasps*
Ron: Oh..!
Hermione: *continues going down, allowing her tongue to make a wet trail across his chest before stopping at a nipple and circling it, biting lighty and sucking it into her mouth*
Ron: *sighs with pleasure*
Ron: *breathes* I didn't know...
Hermione: *moves mouth back to his, kissing him again while working on undoing his pants*
Ron: *quickly brushes her hands away*
Ron: What are you doing that for??
Hermione: *sighs lightly* What do you think I'm doing that for?
Ron: *sits up and runs hand through hair*
Ron: I don't think...
Hermione: *pushes him back* Yes, don't think.
Hermione: Act.
Hermione: Feel.
Hermione: Enjoy.
Ron: Hermione--
Hermione: *kisses him again, grinding down slightly*
Ron: Hermione--!
Ron: *brushes her away*
Ron: Are you sure this is...
Ron: I mean, isn't it against the rules... or something...
Hermione: Oh come on Ron, since when have you ever been a stickler for the rules?
Ron: *looks around worriedly* What if someone catches us?
Hermione: Would you prefer if we took this someplace more private?
Ron: Um.
Ron: *looks trapped*
Ron: *glances down at his pants*
Ron: Hermione... I think it's getting worse.
Hermione: *reaches down and squeezes him again* No, no, better.
Ron: *shiver of pleasure*
Ron: *looks at Hermione*
Hermione: *smirks and wriggles around a little more, moving her hands over his chest again*
Ron: *makes a weak protest, and then backs down*
Ron: *closes eyes and moans a bit as she grinds*
Hermione: *grins and kisses him again, moving her hands down to undo his pants quickly before he can stop her*
Ron: *halfheartedly* Stop...
Hermione: I don't think you mean that. *slips a hand in his pants, lightly grasping his erection*
Ron: *cries out*
Ron: Hermione?
Hermione: Yes Ron?
Hermione: *strokes him slowly*
Ron: Do you think... I mean... could I...
Ron: Oh, Merlin...
Ron: I... *blushes*
Hermione: Could you what?
Ron: I want to see you... *indicates at her shirt*
Ron: *blushes deeper* I'm sorry...
Hermione: *grins* Nothing to be sorry about.
Ron: I mean, it's okay if you don't want to...
Ron: I don't exactly know how this whole thing... you know...
Ron: You know what? Never mind...
Ron: *very flustered* Forget I asked...
Hermione: Why?
Hermione: *strokes him more firmly* I don't think I want to forget. You said you wanted to see. And I'm more than willing to show.
Ron: *gasps*
Ron: *shuddering whisper* I... I want to see...
Hermione: *nods, stopping what she was doing and reaching for the buttons of her shirt* Then you shall.
Ron: *eyes widen*
Hermione: *starts unbuttoning her shirt, sliding it from her shoulders and tossing it to the side before reaching behind her and undoing the clasp, letting it fall off*
Ron: Merlin...
Ron: *stares*
Ron: Can I... May I...
Ron: *licks lips*
Ron: *reaches out a shuddering hand*
Ron: Would you mind terribly if I...?
Hermione: *watches him* Do whatever it is you are wanting to do.
Ron: *grabs her breast firmly and squeezes his eyes shut*
Hermione: *groans lightly, moving a hand back down to his pants and starting to stroke him again*
Ron: *opens his eyes*
Ron: *squeezes again*
Ron: *gasps*
Ron: Merlin, that feels
Ron: so... good
Hermione: *grins* You know, this would work even better if we got rid of your pants and underwear.
Ron: *eyes widen in shock*
Ron: Um. Well.
Hermione: *smiles sweetly* I'll get rid of my skirt and underwear too, of course. That way you don't feel left out.
Ron: *starts fumbling at his pants*
Hermione: *reaches down to help him, pushing them slightly* Lift your hips.
Ron: *cautiously lifts his hips*
Hermione: *grins, tugging them further down before twisting slightly, pulling his legs up and taking off his shoes before having his pants and underwear follow* Much better.
Ron: What about you?
Hermione: *smiles* I'm getting there now.
Hermione: *grabs the zipper of her skirt, standing, she quickly lowered her skirt and underwear before sitting on him again, not giving him the chance to possibly move*
Ron: *licks lips and stares*
Hermione: Are you ready to move onto the next part of our lesson?
Ron: Um.
Ron: *pause*
Ron: Yes. Yes.
Hermione: *grins* Wonderful. *kisses him again, raising herself slightly and reaching down, grabbing his shaft and positioning it before sitting slowly*
Ron: *cries out as he enters*
Ron: Oh, Hermione!
Hermione: *settles on his lap firmly, wiggling around to make herself more comfortable before pushing herself up and sitting back down again a few times, smirking* Enjoying yourself?
Ron: Ah...!
Hermione: *starts sliding up and down faster along his shaft*
Ron: *grunts and squeezes his eyes shut*
Ron: *pants*
Ron: *shaky* Oh Merlin, I think something's happening...
Ron: *bucks*
Hermione: *goes faster, panting*
Ron: *cries out as he comes*
Hermione: *stops, still panting slightly and leans down, kissing him lightly* Did you enjoy yourself?
Ron: *panting heavily*
Ron: Yes...
Hermione: *smiles* Good.
Ron: I... didn't know we could do that...
Hermione: *chuckles lightly* Oh yes... We can do that. And many different ways too.
Ron: *starts to realize what's just happened and turns red*
Hermione: Oh no, don't tell me you're getting embarrassed.
Ron: Ah... *reaches for clothes*
Ron: I'm not.
Hermione: *sighs* Then why are you turning red and reaching for your clothes?
Ron: *defensive* I don't know what you're talking about.
Ron: *grabs clothes*
Ron: *doesn't look at Hermione*
Hermione: Uh-huh... What's wrong now?
Ron: Nothing.
Ron: *turns redder*
Hermione: Then why are you blushing, again?
Ron: I'm not.
Ron: *turns even redder*
Ron: *scrambles to put on clothes*
Hermione: Would you like me to get my wand and conjure you a mirror, because clearly you are.
Hermione: *watches him, still sitting quite starkers*
Hermione: Are you upset?
Ron: No.
Ron: *dresses clumsily*
Hermione: Are you embarrassed?
Ron: *pause*
Ron: No.
Hermione: Then what's the problem?
Ron: Okay, I am.
Ron: *bright red*
Ron: Aren't you?
Hermione: *smiles* Does it look like I am? *gestures to her state of nakedness*
Ron: *stubbornly refuses to look at her*
Ron: I dunno.
Hermione: *rolls her eyes* You can't even look at me now? We just had sex. What's the problem of looking at me when I'm naked?
Ron: *slowly looks over and then looks away again quickly*
Ron: I don't know what you’re talking about.
Ron: Shouldn't you be getting dressed?
Hermione: *crosses her arms over her bare chest and narrows her eyes* No, I think I quite like sitting here naked, thanks.
Ron: *stands*
Ron: I think I'd best be off.
Ron: *starts to scamper off*
Hermione: *shakes her head in anger* Honestly. What's his problem now?
Ron: *disappears*
Hermione: *huffs* Damn him. Don't even know why I bothered. He's still a prude.
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